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Advanced Nutrients HammerHead PK4/10 1L

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Advanced Nutrients' scientists are extremely dedicated to giving you the best harvests, so they firgured out most plants need large amounts of K, not large amounts of P. Only with correct ratios of K and P found in Hammerhead will your plants produce the impressive harvests you seek without providing fuel for gray molds that can destroy a harvest overnight. Hammerhead PK 9/18 is the world's best potassium-phosphorus booster formula. It feeds specially blended, superior-sourced nutrients in just the right ratio so your plants absorb what they need to make the best fruits and blooms. PK 9/18 lessens the incidence of gray mold and other pathogenic attackers that eat crops in late harvest cycle. Other products contain the wrong ratios of potassium and phosphorus that actually reduce yield and cause disease conditions.