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Bio G Power Bloom Stimulator 5L

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Bio G Power Bloom Stimulator 5LEnsures thick, fat, dense buds!
Produces a larger crop.
Improves the taste.
Stimulates the forming of flower cells.
Suitable for all types of substrates.

Application: Add daily from the fifth week of the plant's bloom phase. For explosive blooming and an even higher crop with hard, dense buds, use in combination with BIO-G-POWER POWERTOP or BIO-G-POWER PK 13/14.
For an optimal taste, rinse the final week with BIO-G-POWER BIOZYM only.
Dosage: 1ml per 1L water (1:1000)
Contains: Natural plant hormones (cytokinines and auxines) and over 30 trace elements that stimulate flower bud forming. The addition of antioxidants (biotin, tocopherol, choline and carotene) results in firm and hard buds/fruits.
Store frost-free, shake well before use
Available in 0.5L, 1L and 5L