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Bio G Power Leaf nutrition 1L

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Very quickly absorbed by the plant. Beautiful, healthy and green leafs. Very economical use.

Application: BIO-G-POWER leaf-nutrition is to be used as a spraying agent. Very rapid nutrient absorption through the leafs. From the beginning of the cycle to maximally the second week of blooming. Increased chance of fungus from the start of flower forming.

Contains: (is based on) seaweeds and algae extracts.
Contains carbohydrates, alginates and betaine to stimulate the absorption of nutrients.
The high level of plant hormones reinforces the plant's immune system and stimulates the growth of leafs.

Dosage: 10ml per 10L water (1:1000)
20ml for plants in a bad condition

Store frost-free, shake well before use

Available in 0.5L, 1L and 5L