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Bio G Power Power Tops 500ml

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Bio G Power Power Tops POWER TOP is an ultimate agent to stimulate the growth and maturing process of among others buds, fruits and flowers. It forces the plant to grow explosively and to create an explosive bloom phase.
POWER TOP is based on botanical extracts and minerals and has a 100% natural formula. POWER TOP also contains a unique blend of plant hormones that stimulate the plant to start its maturing process. POWER TOP ensures that all strength of the plant at the end of its growth phase is directed towards the fruits and flowers. POWER TOP creates no blockage in the tubes and pipes and does not require prior heating.

POWER TOP can be applied in the growth on soil, hydro and cocos. POWER TOP is exclusively to be used in the final three weeks of the end of the growth phase. POWER TOP is used in addition to base-nutrition; does not increase the EC-value! POWER TOP has an optimal effect in combination with a base-nutrition (BIO-G-POWER Soil 1 Component, Multi Hydro A B) and BIO-G-POWER Bloom stimulator (BIO 3).

Recommended dosage: 100ml to 100L water (1:1000)
Store frost-free and shake well before use!
Available in: 0.5L and 1L