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Canna Start 5 Ltr

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CANNA Start is a top-quality and high-performance base nutrient designed for the germination phase. The formula delivers macro and micronutrient for a seedling or a cutting to grow healthy and strong. The product is made for use with a variety of substrates such as Rockwool plugs, Jiffy plugs, seedmixes, and coco pellets. Its not suitable for clone machines or recirculating systems. Growers use the product to achieve increased harvest yields and top-quality crops.

General Information

CANNA Start is a base nutrient made for the germination phase;
The formula comprises micro and macronutrients for a seedling or a cutting to develop strong and healthy. The NPK ratio is 2-1-2;
The product is made for use with substrates including Jiffy plugs, Rockwool plugs, and seedmixes.


The formula is easy to use;
Its a complete one part nutrient;
Its compatible with other CANNA nutrients.
It lowers the risk of overfeeding;
It lowers the risk of nutrient deficiencies;
The product is designed at the highest performance standards.

The Science

The product is made for seedlings or cuttings. The formula is gentle and delivers the correct ratio of micro and macronutrients to your seedling and cuttings for strong development. When you transplant the cuttings into the final grow medium, switch from CANNAs Start to Vega nutrient, suitable for the grow medium youre using. With CANNAs Rhizotonic, youll achieve a rich root system and strong crops.

How to Use

Use the product at a rate of 4ml of formula per 1L of water. For first time feeds, you can use a lighter solution such as 2ml of formula per 1L of water. Add the right dose to the water container and stir well. Adjust the pH level to between 5.6 and 6.2. Maintain the level of the pH towards the lower end of the scale. The pH level will naturally rise once youve added the nutrients. Apply the nutrient to your crops until you achieve a 10% run-off. Store the formula in a dark and protected place, out of childrens reach. Keep the product in a safe place, away from extreme temperatures. Use protective gloves whenever youre handling the product.