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Advanced Meta-Boost 500ml

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Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta-Boost is a powerful flowing stimulant. It is designed to stimulate the metabolism of your plant, to optimise it in a number of ways. It is comprised from a seaweed extract, beet extract and a number of secret exclusive ingredients. This product facilitates an increase in essential oils and terpenes, leading to a much higher final yield. Using the correct additives, such as Advanced Meta-boost will result in astounding plant growth and extremely healthy plants.

Advanced Meta-Boost delivers an exceptional blend of amino acids, plant hormones, sugars, trace elements, vitamins and carbs that benefit your root systems and plants. This concentrated and effective additive is quickly becoming a favourite amongst hydroponic growers.

How it works
Advanced Meta-Boost contains Auxins and Cytokinins. These hormones accelerate the plants entire metabolism. This results in all of the plants main functions, such as translocating nutrients, up-taking nutrients/water, creating sugars/hormones, is enhanced to an optimum rate. The hormones also influence processes such as cell division, leading to the plant dividing it sells much quicker. The more plant cells, the more flowers your plants will develop and this will lead to more abundant crops.

Plants normally produce their own building blocks for many of the elements they need. With Advanced Meta-Boost the building blocks are provided. This means, for example, rather than having to create a specific sugar or amino acid itself, Meta Boost gives many of these key components straight to the plant. This will save vital energy, that the plant can then use in the production of flowers. If your plants are experiencing a stressful environment, they may find it difficult to do this at a normal rate. Meta-Boost truly provides the plants with everything they need to thrive during the flowering period, improving final yield, ensuring you end up with vigorous plants and a dense, robust final product.

How to use Buddha Tree Advanced Meta-Boost
The Buddhas Tree Feed Chart recommends use at a rate of 0.5-2ml/L of water depending on the stage of growth your plants are at. Please ensure you follow the growth schedule to see the appropriate application rate. Advanced Meta Boost can also be used alongside any line of base nutrients you may already use.

Use it alongside your base nutrient and PK booster, it works well with (Buddhas Tree PK 9-18). It is also recommended that you use a Calmag product before and alongside with Pk 9-18, as both Potassium and Calcium are antagonists of each other and to achieve optimal growth your plant will need good access to both. This product is compatible with all growing systems and growing media.

Buddha Tree Advanced Meta-Boost is available in 500ml, 1L and 5L bottles and works particularly well alongside Buddhas Tree Organicus, Solar Green Power and PK 9-18 to complete the exceptional hydroponic nutrient and additives range from Buddhas Tree.