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Plant Magic Plus Oldtimer Organic Magnesium 400G

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ant Magic Plus Oldtimer Magnesium is an organic supplement that can help plants recover quickly when suffering from a magnesium deficiency, a problem which can be more common when growing in a soil medium, but can rear its head in all growing techniques.

Magnesium is an important, but an often overlooked, element as its required for photosynthesis, the production of chlorophyll and the overall general health of your plants.

Typically, a magnesium deficiency can be identified by brown or rust spots on the leaves, but don’t panic as by adding Plant Magic Plus Oldtimer Magnesium to your nutrient solution, at a rate of 1 scoop (provided) per 10 litres, in no time your plants will respond to the abundance of available magnesium by showing improved growth and overall plant health.