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Hydro-Grow 5 Ltr

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Root Feed Add at a rate of 1-4ml/L of Part A and the same of part B to your nutrient reservoir or watering can (EC 1.3-2.5). Dilution rates will be dependent upon your water hardness please refer to the usage table tool below for more accurate dilution rates. Media- based systems require approximately 10-40 % DRAIN each day to keep the nutrients around the roots within acceptable concentrations. The drain conductivity should be between 0-15% higher than the input solution conductivity.

SHOGUN Samurai Hydro is a complete 2 part hydroponic nutrient to rival all others. Contains refined, precision formulated ingredients to produce amazing vegetative and flowering plant development. SHOGUN Samurai Hydro also contains the revolutionary SmartZen ingredient, a unique collection of compounds that increases the distribution and assimilation of nutrients within your plants vascular system. This cutting edge technology further imposes the superiority of Samurai over all other currently available nutrients.

Samurai Hydro Grow
Key Features
Balanced high grade nutrition to support all stages of growth.
Fully Integrated into the full suite of SHOGUN additives for unrivalled performance.
Contains the revolutionary SmartZen Yield Maximiser ingredient proven to increase yields by up to 8% above standard NPK formulas.
SmartZen maximises nutrient uptake and transport for superior plant performance.
Available in Hard and Soft Water formulations. 2 Litre Set includes 1 Litre of part A and 1 Litre of Part B.