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Mills Nutrients Sugar Rush – 1L

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Mills Nutrients Sugar Rush is a mid to late flowering supplement that’s been developed to stimulate and increase the plants production of terpenes, making Sugar Rush ideal for those who grow aromatic plants, such as rosemary, mint or basil, with the aim to extract their natural oils at harvest.

But that’s not all as Mills Nutrients Sugar Rush, due to pushing the plant to develop an abundance of essential oils, also helps increase it’s resistance to common garden pests and diseases, which allows the plant to concentrate on fruit, flower and oil production as it heads towards harvest.

Sugar Rush can also be used in all forms of growing, whether hydro, coco or soil.

Typical usage:

1.5 – 2.5ml per litre at every other feed during the final 4 weeks of bloom. If using Mills Nutrients C4 alongside Sugar Rush, they should be used in alternative feeds and not together in the same nutrient solution.