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Pro Star CFL 125w Blue

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improve the growth of your plants with low-consumption compact fluorescent lamps

An innovation in the horticultural lighting sector, PRO STAR GROWTH 125w 6400°K bulbs are the

solution to accelerate the growth of your plants, while increasing the energy savings.

With 15,000 hours of efficient use and a 20% energy saving reported, PRO STAR GROWTH

125w bulbs offer unparalleled cost-effectiveness. The advantages: an integrated ballast, which

connects directly to the sector, and energy that transforms completely into light, unlike mercury

or high-pressure sodium lamps.

Thus, not only does the plant benefit 100% from the light efficiency but the lamp can be

brought as close as possible to plants for maximum absorption. With a PAR equivalent to

100%, PRO STAR GROWTH 125w bulb maximise photosynthesis.

Giving off a cold, blue light PRO STAR GROWTH 125w bulbs actively contribute to the growth of

plants. An effect whose efficiency is further increased by the spectrum of the bulb, capable of

generating a light close to that of the sun.