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Freak Controller 6 Amp

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The Control Freak Dual Fan Controller is a simple to use Plug and Play controller, using a bespoke software system to maintain ideal grow room temperatures. It can be used as a single (outlet) or dual (inlet and outlet) fan controller.

Use the dials on the controller to set min/max fan speeds, and the Fansync software will help to maintain your room temperature and keep the optimal balance though precise fan speed control.

This controller gives smooth fan speed control for quieter running, and the temperature adjustment is accurate to /- 1C. The high power capacity means its can be used with AC fans from 100mm/4 to 315mm/12, but check the ampage of the fan first.

Plug the fan (or fans) into the controller and set the minimum and maximum fan speeds. Place the sensor (probe) directly in the centre of the grow room, but out of direct airflow of the fan. Plug the controller into a socket and turn on.

When switched on, the controller and sensor will begin a scan of the room, and the fan speeds will be calibrated to the surrounding temperature. Once scanned, the controller with run the fans at the required speeds to maintain grow room temperatures.

If using one fan only, it should be the outlet fan. If using two, ensure a lower airflow capacity fan is fitted on the inlet of the grow room to achieve negative pressure.