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ONA Distribution System Big

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The Ona Cyclone Fan is part of all professional growers environmental control tools. The odour control unit is a top-quality and efficient ONA Gel Distribution system, which runs quietly. The product enhances the power of the ONA odour neutralising agents and provides superior odour control even in the toughest climate conditions. The product is made for use in medium grow rooms with a surface area of up to 464 sqm. The product fits onto the ONA 20L gel tubs and effectively eliminates unwanted smells. The product has a very low power consumption and its affordable. Use the Ona Cyclone fan to ensure premium climate conditions for high-performance and top-quality crops.

General Information

The Ona Cyclone fan is a top-quality odour control unit made for professional growers;
The product weighs in at 1.2 kg;
The capacity of the container is 20L - Pail;
The units output is 121 cfm (cubic feet per minute);
The power consumption rate is 12 watts.

The product is efficient and reliable;
Its made of top-quality and strong materials for increased resistance;
The unit is made at the strictest quality control standards;
The product distributes odour neutralising agents to ensure premium climate conditions in your grow room;
The product is eco-friendly and easy to use/ install.
The Science

Ona is a leading manufacturer of environmental control tools and solutions. Ona-Air liquids and gels help professional growers eliminate any unwanted smells without leaving behind a strong and overpowering scent. The Cyclone fan fits right onto the 20L gel container and distributes the neutralising vapours in a medium to large grow room of up to 464 sqm. The fan has 5 speed settings and an OFF switch. If you run the fan in the low setting, its quiet and gently distributes the vapours throughout your grow room. When you use the unit at a higher speed for a larger surface area or for bursts of odour-control, the unit is louder.

How to Use

For optimum results, position the Ona Gel-tub in an elevated location such as a shelf or a table as close to the centre of your grow room as reasonably possible. Keep the product close to a mains outlet. Remove the lid from the gel tub and place the Cyclone fan onto the top so the locator tabs, which are on the underside of the fan completely fit within the inside of the containers rim. The LED display shows which one of the 5 speeds the unit is running at. Make sure you dont cover the fan with anything. Avoid obstructing the air flow. You must replace the Ona 20L gel tubs after around 3-6 weeks, depending on the level of the temperature and the humidity rate in the grow room. Also, consider the speed at which the fan is running. To be on the safe side, regularly check the level of the gel in the container. Refill or replace the gel when the level is within 1 inch of the containers bottom.

Keep the unit out of childrens reach and protect it from extreme temperatures. Dont use hazardous chemicals or liquids close to the unit. Store the product in a dark and safe place.