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Hyperfan v2 200mm

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The Phresh fan is a revamped V2 fan, which comprises innovative 9-pole EC motors. The motors provide increased static pressure. The silent and efficient fan brings added value to your grow rooms equipment. The extractor fan is made to pull or push maximum air flow through ducting, carbon filters, and air-cooled lights. The unit comprises a speed controller, which allows for a 0%-100% adjustment. To increase the airflow in your grow room and reduce heat levels, choose the Phresh fan.

General Information

The unit uses multi-phase EC motors;
It generates increased levels of static pressure;
It has a steel casing and Abec bearings;
It includes a speed controller.


The unit is silent and energy-efficient;
The unit is efficient and produces increased levels of airflow per watt;
The EC fan comes with a 2-year warranty.

The Science

Digital fans deliver a variety of benefits compared to AC fans. They move a greater volume of air per each consumed watt of electricity. The unit allows you to save on energy bills. Digital fans deliver increased static pressure levels. You can add a carbon filter without affecting air flow. The extractor fan comes with Abec bearings, which increases its durability. The unit also includes a speed controller, which allows growers to set the speed level. Its not temperature-sensitive. Growers who want to manage the fans speed in accordance to the grow rooms temperature, must purchase a separate temperature controller.

How to Use

Once you unpack the EC fan, check it for damage. Ensure that the fans impeller rotates freely and doesnt touch the casing. Return to the supplier if you notice any damage to the unit. To prevent dust, foreign substances, or oil from building up on the impeller, use a pre-filter on the units absorption axis. If foreign matter or dust builds up, it can cause an imbalance of the impeller and excessive vibration. Use the supplied screws and mounting bracket to install the fan. Dont mount the EC fan on a weak surface.