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Gold Label Clay Pebbles 50 Ltr

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Greater Surface Area and Better Water Holding Properties for Rapid Growth and BIGGER PLANTS
Gold Label HydroCorn clay pebbles are probably the most effective type of clay pebble for hydroponic use. HydroCorn pebbles have a much more uneven shape than the traditional clay ball and are shaped a bit like popcorn. Gold Label HydroCorn is RHP certified which means that it is a consistent and high-quality grow medium thats completely crop-safe.

How HydroCorn Works
Gold Label HydroCorn clay pebbles are irregular-shaped pebbles of expanded clay which resemble popcorn. They have an uneven and coarse surface with lots of pores, giving them a huge surface area which allows them to hold lots of water. Because the clay pebbles are hard they do not compact down and they retain air-spaces between them providing lots of oxygen for roots. The spaces between them also mean that HydroCorn drains very freely, avoiding water-logging. HydroCorn can be added to soils, coco and soilless mixes to improve drainage or can be used to top-dress pots containing other grow-mediums to reduce water evaporation.