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Wilma 8 Pot System

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Wilmas are one of the simplest systems for beginners with excellent results. Usually problem-free.
The drip irrigation can be used with clay pebbles, coco, mapito, cellmax cubes or soil. For fewer plants just take out the pots you dont want to use.
The 4 Pot Wilma is approx 68cm x 59cm.
The 8 and 10 Pot Wilmas is approx 117cm x 60cm.
The 16 and 20 Pot Wilmas are twice as wide at approx 122cm x 110cm.
The 4, 8 and 16 Pot Wilmas use 11 litre pots.
The 10 and 20 Pot Wilmas use 6.5 litre pots.

The Wilma Versatile is approx 119cm x 59cm. It is supplied with a tray that can be used with pots or alternatively with slabs of Rockwool, coco or other media or your own design.