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Mills Nutrients Ultimate PK – 1L

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Ultimate PK by Mills Nutrients of Amsterdam was brought to the market after intense research and field testing to give you, the grower, the ultimate heavyweight bloom booster that can be used in all growing techniques, whether hydro, coco or soil.

Designed to be used in the last 2-4 weeks of the flowering cycle, Ultimate PK will give your plants that final boost of phosphorous and potassium as they approach harvest to help them to produce an abundance of healthy, dense fruits that push final yields beyond expectation.

But that’s not all, as Ultimate PK doesn’t just give appearance of bountiful fruits, it also helps with the overall aroma and the final taste of the crop, making this, as the name suggests, the ultimate in PK bloom boosters for your plants.

Typical usage:

2ml per litre during the final 2-4 weeks of the bloom cycle.